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Curating a one-of-a-kind matchmaking service by presenting one uniquely matched potential at a time, just like a real matchmaking service, allowing for more focused interaction.

Most importantly AIMM is beyond a matchmaker, AIMM is a respectful dating coach adding personal reminders to clients' phones and asking both matches when the best time is for the first phone call or message and coordinates everything for the client!

With other dating apps they might as well be flipping a coin or spinning the bottle; these apps don't reach the core of a person to truly understand who they are and what they're looking for.

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The membership organization provides upscale singles a way to make friends and romantic connections by meeting in a comfortable setting accompanied by good food and wine. Transmedia Group.com) to facilitate her goal of incorporating the "personal chemistry" that is missing from internet relationships into Dating Gourmet.

Melanie stated "Wonderful friendships and romantic connections can take place when people gather together to break bread, share a great meal and good conversation." The Dating Gourmet plans monthly events for members to revel in.

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