Block b dating christian quiz on dating

one thing that people have noticed is that the sentiment, “Yeah, Seven Seasons–sue these clowns!

” has suddenly turned into a bunch of Korean Tweets asking for “feedback”–which should ring a bell for anyone who witnessed the whole Let’s Boycott Block B stage.

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Being “made [into] a girlfriend,” while utterly disrespectful, is one of the more benign things Sand People have to deal with–more often it’s having their castles destroyed by small children and/or waves.

O having a hot lady in his video, Zico joking about Nicki Minaj’s ass, U-Kwon posting pictures of his dogs, and now Jaehyo’s sand girlfriend.

The common theme of these campaigns always seems to be punishing the members for their “infidelity”–whether it be with non-Korean fans, actual girlfriends, random celebrities, models in videos, or you know, big piles of damp beach sand.

However, Zico took to his Instagram, and denied the rumors.

He shared a screenshot of a news portal with the reports, and wrote over them: "Do not make rumors," and "False information."Adding on, a source from his label said: "Reports that Zico and Seolhyun have reunited are groundless, so it is not worth responding to."Meanwhile, Seolhyun had talked about their relationship after their break-up. It was surprising that there was a dating report about me, but the immense reaction toward me was also a surprise.

It always sucks to hear that a couple have broken up, and we hope these two will be fine soon!

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