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Resident Margie Tirey had something to say about the downsides of owning property near industrial uses, a point Simmons also drove home."I have a lot directly opposite the project and am waiting for something to go there to build my home.

If you wonder why projects like Weeks Fish Camp are changing their commercial marina plans for residential ones, Matt Simmons, an appraiser with Maxwell, Hendry & Simmons, offered an explainer on behalf of Bay Harbour:“The island has seen no new industrial waterfront uses except recreational boating in about 20 years,” Simmons said, showing historical bar charts dating to the 1960s.

As residents added their testimony to the record, the developer's case for a new urbanist future met with a strong case for a renewed industrial waterfront.“Working people made the island what it is.

Let’s hold onto it with all our might,” Henry Roland Blakley of an old shrimping family urged listeners.

The other is the Ebb Tide, It will feature 450-room resort, retail/restaurant esplanade, convention center.

The group that is proposing the project are going through the zoning process right now. Two developments are in the works off of Main Street. It will feature 113 apartments, four town homes, a marina and other amenities.

When San Carlos resident Nicolas White stood to speak, he reminded the examiner of that.

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