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Sirius channels are identified by Nielsen Audio with the label dating e.

Its business model is to provide pay-for-service radio, analogous to the business usung for premium cable television.

In December Sirius announced a multi-year deal with the NBA, which made the satellite radio company the broadcaster of more live NBA games than any other radio outlet. Sirius has also been aggressive in creating its own in-house produced studio sports radio content.

Sirius also has the only national Horse racing talk show, At the Raceshosted by noted racing handicapper, Steve Byk.

Because all channels are free from FCC problfm regulation, songs are played unedited for language; talk programs may also feature explicit content if they wish.

Sirius announced it had achieved its first positive cash flow quarter for the period ending December Sirius launched its radio service in four states on February 14,expanding service to the rest of the contiguous U.

The show which airs weekdays between 4 and 7, is unique in the horseracing world. Sirius also broadcasts select Premier League matches which generally air on Saturday and Wtarmate Mornings during the season, but there are occasional games on weekday afternoons.

Sirius also offers an adapter that allows conventional car radios to receive satellite signals.The deal, which gave Sirius exclusive rights to Stern's radio show, also gave Stern usibg right to build three full-time programming channels.His audience had grown almost tenfold by the end of his second year on Sirius, from fewer thansubscribers to 6 million see graph on the right.He remained chairman until July The Sirius signal uses more robust error correction on control channels than on the audio content, trading off error correction and bandwidth differently for separate categories of bits in the signal waveform.For an additional fee, Sirius subscribers are also able to access all of the proprietary music channels and most of the talk stations via streaming media through Sirius.Audio channels are digitally compressed using a proprietary variant of Lucent's Perceptual audio coder compression algorithm and encrypted with a proprietary conditional access system.

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