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It also has YES m Power bot taking care of loan products.

In many banks they have been elevated to cater to other areas namely deciding on hiring and retaining staff, predicting probable delinquencies or defaults and devising measures for preventing them, recommending products for a specific customer base, forming marketing strategies based on certain preferences etc. Taking a leaf out of Louis Pasteur’s book, Fortune favors the prepared mind, I wish all the banks the power of real preparedness and not the half-hearted jump on the bandwagon. Involved in various innovative projects and concepts, he applies a range of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms to create and deliver business value.

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Course: Computing MEng So, you want to make your first chatbot? Then Microsoft Cognitive Services is the API for you.

Artificial Intelligence is easily applicable in anything that has a standardized system and less or no discrepancy or deviation.

First, as an organized industry, banking runs on a set of regulatory guidelines and deals with numbers, it was only about time that it would board the AI bus. As we fully realize the fact that anything handled by a human is prone to deviation or personal discretion; so to be vigilant, all inputs are to be taken with a generous pinch of salt.

Robo-advisors are ready to team up with their domain masters and about to present you bionic advices on how you should distribute your wallet share to gain deeper pockets!

They too are AI agents raring to bring you real benefits.

Well-executed and duly-monitored robots are assigned repetitive, basic, and time-consuming tasks.

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