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And, now back by popular demand, Lady Clare's Quimper Placemats, Coasters, Tea Trays & Waste Paper Bins.

Tin-glazed, hand-painted pottery has been made in Quimper, France, since the late seventeenth century.

The earliest firm, founded in 1685 by Jean Baptiste Bousquet, was known as HB Quimper.

Although the area of Locmaria in Quimper has been associated with pottery as far back as the Gallo-Roman era, Bousquet is credited with being the founder of "Quimper Pottery". In 1772, a rival firm was founded by Francoise Eloury known as Porquier.

The Eloury (Porquier) and Dumaine (Henriot) firms merged in 1913. The group was sold to a United States family in 1984. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=quimper&lgeo=1&mpre=

Another firm, founded in 1772 by Francois Eloury, was known as Porquier.

The third firm, founded by Guillaume Dumaine in 1778, was known as HR or Henriot Quimper.

The Serving Pieces are as lovely as decorations as they are useful.

Redecorate your kitchen in Breton style with Quimper Faience Tiles and adorn your cabinets with truly unique Furniture Knobs.

In addition, contemporary artists, such as Paul Moal and Loic Bodin continue to work with Henriot.

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