Dating ibanez ps 200


The Gibson/Elger lawsuit was filed on June 28, 1977, and was resolved not too long after.

Thanks, Chris Natale NYC Many Japanese-copied “lawsuit era” guitars under names like Greco, Aria, Tokai, and Ibanez have taken on an almost cult-like status today among many guitar collectors.

The Model 2391 was loosely based on a Les Paul Custom and featured a mahogany body, maple top, and clear “See-Thru” finish.

Just like a Les Paul Custom, this guitar has multiply body and headstock binding, fancy headstock pearl inlays (another Ibanez original design), and a “Custom” truss rod cover.

The volume and tone knobs have rubber inserts around them for a better grip, which Ibanez called Sure-Grip knobs.

There is some belt buckle wear on the back along with some hardware oxidation, but overall the guitar appears to be in excellent condition.

Based on the condition and missing original parts, your Ibanez Model 2391 is worth between 5 and 0 today.

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