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Are you comfortable going to parties and other events on your own? Are you confident that she will come home safe at the end of the nightshift?

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Imagine sleeping when they’re out on the streets, working a midnight shift.

You see, women love men in uniform; it is masculine and authoritative, courageous and strong. He freaked out at her when she opened the tub to grab a few. Cops come with a basic set of values (at least they are hired with them), which gives you a common starting point as a couple.

Women in the same uniform carry similar qualities, which usually arent considered attractive qualities for a femaleunless you are wearing a nurses uniform rather than a police one. Apparently the cookies were not for common consumption, but were a party item with an extra-special ingredient called hash. So ended that relationship, and made her extra vigilant towards such activity the next time. It is assumed, and for the most part true, that your police date will not be using drugsa given, if you will.

ABC had high hopes for this show, the pilot achieved the coveted post-Super Bowl time-slot in 85. To fool their nosy precinct captain (he of many impromptu home-visits) they lived in side-by-side apartments.

But the real reason 3 people in America kept tuning in was Malcolm & Jenny's secret marriage.

Unlike policemen, we do not have badge bunnies chasing us. Well, we wonder if he has a hot car, too, but it means something entirely different in our world.

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