Dating pregnancy straight after a miscarriage

I would imagine you ovulated 10 - 14 days after your miscarriage, try and predict your due date from then - you'll only be a few days out if you had a positive test within 4 weeks of miscarriage. Adele 2 angels this year and EDD My cycles are around 46 days anyway, I had a miscarriage 25th August this year and ovulated on 30th Sept (i was using the ovulation tests) and conceived straight away.I think most people with normal cycles would ovulate 14 days after miscarriage, although the miscarriage can mess up your cycles a bit.Thanks again for your reply and Good Luck with your pregnancy!:-) Mel.x By the sounds of it then it is a yes and that is very exciting especially after all your trouble.

Once your pregnancy is confirmed, however, it helps to take things one step at a time—the first step is getting through the first trimester.My mw used the day I stopped bleeding and was only a few days off, found out at twelve week scan that we must of conceived a week after mc!!Hard to believe considering we didn't dtd for about a week!The only way I have ever heard of dating a pregnancy is by scan so I can't atually help- sorry! Hope this little bean is a really sticky one and you can celebrate soon Helen xx Hi Mel, The same has happened to me!Someone did say somewhere on BC that they count from the day you stop bleeding but not sure about that...hopefully your mw should be able to help once she gets in touch. I had a D C after miscarriage on the 31st Aug, bled for 3 weeks then had a positive urine on the 7th of Oct.If you know the first day of your last menstrual period, you can calculate an estimated due date for your new pregnancy using Naegele's rule:1. (For example, if your last menstrual period was March 7th, add 7 days to get March 14th. Your due date would be December 14th.)Here's more information on how to calculate your due date.

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