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Knowing that it isn’t always about what’s on paper, Kavaliro pays special attention to the candidate’s technical skills, organizational experience and environmental understanding to ensure that each candidate is a cultural fit for the organization as well.

The recruiters use all of this information to screen applicants while building an active pipeline of professional talent for each client.

Operational Efficiency Report: On a monthly basis, prepare and deliver an Operational Efficiency Report, which shall include the following information: An analysis of the total number of Contingent Workers (if any) that were converted to a employees.

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Many business solution vendors struggle with the provision of a payroll module, particularly in multi-country deployments.Technical Testing: Kavaliro has access to thousands of technical assessment tests and will further qualify candidates using these tests to ensure their résumé accurately represents their skills Kavaliro recognizes the importance of being an inclusive and equal-opportunity company, and therefore constantly embraces and learns from the diversity within the workplace and the markets the firm serves.Essential to the company mission, Kavaliro credits diversity for the increase in effectiveness while serving its customers and partners.As a Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by the Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), Kavaliro prides itself in fostering mutually beneficial relationships among various other equal-opportunity firms in the United States.In addition, this allows our clients to increase their diversity spend by partnering with Kavaliro.We provide business process outsourcing service providers, customers and implementation partners worldwide with payroll technology that streamlines implementation, enhances their product demand, and provides easily configurable, reliable and robust payroll processing everywhere.

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