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It may have been a local interview on Atlanta radio ( where I was living at the time). Eric Clapton is a perfectionist, seriously who's better then he is?We all have our faults and regret things we did, at least I do. Both are, I believe are his finest playing and singing.(im only 13)This song reminds me of my bf Cody because his mom died when he was 4 years of age and his dad died a few years ago. this song means a lot to me because i lost my great grandpa a few years ago and i was really close to him.i hope everyone feels the same way as i do when they listen to this song.I would very much enjoy meeting Eric Clapton some day.

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Just wanted to post that this song and lyrics could not have expressed my own thoughts and feelings any better. I heard an interview with Eric shortly after this song had made such a splash.I miss my grandfather like crazy and this song makes me cry almost every time but it's okay because everyone needs a good cry-to song to get out those tears.I remember one video that i saw in youtube, i think that was the first time Eric playing this song , i think it was and interview for a tv show, Eric was in n hotel room and was interviewing by a a lady she asked somthing like Have you compsed any song recently ??She should keep her mouth shut and carry on with her mundane life. Didn't attend any of their funerals or ever go through the process of mourning until he got sober.At least clapton is still on top of his music and is married with a family after all he's been through. It never fails to make me cry when Tears In Heaven. When he got sober, all the emotions came rushing back to him, and he touched base with George, The Allmans, etc, and sort of made ammends (for himself) in almost a 12-step type of way.....I am 15 year old girl I lost my father when i was 9 years old he was murdered and when i heard this song it made me think of him because even though my parents weren't together i was a huge Daddy's girl and i still am This song makes me wonder what heaven is like and if my daddy remembers me I miss my father so much Then when i was 13 I lost my Aunt whom i was very very very close t.

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