Dreamweaver template not updating other pages

I just upgraded from an old version of Dreamweaver to CS4 Dreamweaver.Now, when I change an image on a template, pages made using that template don't update automatically. When I transferred all my files, I think I just transferred the folder system - Dreamweaver isn't recognizing the folders as a Site. Is there any way of 'exporting' the entire site so that Dreamweaver CS4 will recognise it as a site and not just a bunch of files?Is there any other easy way to link up the files into a 'Site' again? A template is a special type of document that you use to design a “fixed” page layout; you can then create documents based on the template that inherit its page layout.There are several types of template regions the template author can include in a document.Templates enable you to control a large design area and reuse complete layouts.

Using templates enables you to update multiple pages at once.Thus, you can choose to either edit these scripts in the template, or in documents based on the template, but not both.Template parameters indicate values for controlling content in documents based on a template.A repeating region: A section of the document layout that is set so that the template user can add or delete copies of the repeating region in a document based on the template as necessary. Repeating sections are editable so that the template user can edit the content in the repeating element, while the design itself is under the control of the template author.There are two types of repeating regions you can insert in a template: repeating region and repeating table.To know how to work with repeating regions, see Create repeating regions and tables in Dreamweaver.

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