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To play, start a conversation with friends or with yourself, click on the plus sign next to the text box, go to the 'Games' option and choose a game to play or in some markets, people can simply tap the Games section on the Messenger home screen.

To play, start a conversation with friends or with yourself, click on the plus sign next to the text box, go to the 'Games' option and choose a game to play, such as words with friends (left) or Every Wing (right)Game bots help re-engage players by calling out new game options and encouraging competition with updates on the leaderboards.

"Drinking lots of water is one of the most important factors to achieving optimum health, which means powerful orgasms!

Facebook has launched live streaming for Messenger games, and says video chats on the platform are coming in early 2018.

Words With Friends from Zynga will be the first game to use it (pictured) and allow friends to watch each other's reactions as they run up the score After releasing it to beta users last November, Facebook announced it had rolled the feature out to Messenger users worldwide in May.

The games work across the Messenger app, Facebook website and the Messenger website.

Its streak began with the 2014 game's "Love Hurts." The confirmed ad roster for Super Bowl LI so far includes a bevy of recent regulars, including Anheuser-Busch In Bev, Avocados From Mexico, Kia, Skittles, Snickers, Weather Tech and Wix.com, all making at least their third big-game buy in a row. Busch beer and GNC are the only confirmed new brands in the game.

Jeanine Poggi covers the TV industry and how broadcast and cable networks and distributors are adopting to the changes in the world of TV advertising.

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Just like how you wouldn't exercise without drinking water, hydration is also crucial for the bedroom.This is Turbo Tax's fourth consecutive Super Bowl spot.In Super Bowl 50, Turbo Tax sought to relieve consumers' self-doubt while doing taxes with a commercial starring Anthony Hopkins ("Never a Sellout").The marketer's Super Bowl commercial is part of a broader 2017 campaign dubbed "Relax There's Turbo Tax," which promotes Smart Look, a live video connection to a Turbo Tax expert, credentialed CPA or enrolled agent who will provide real-time, personalized answers to customers' questions."This year's campaign is the next step in redefining the Turbo Tax brand to dramatically increase consideration by proving that Turbo Tax has human help on demand so that people know they're never alone," Greg Johnson, senior VP-marketing for Intuit Turbo Tax, said in a statement.A Turbo Tax spokeswoman declined to reveal creative for the Super Bowl commercial.

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