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If you’re envisioning a leisurely afternoon enjoying the outdoors, it’s probably not a good idea to invite the friend of yours who considers every outdoor trek a chance for an endurance trial.This friend should also be someone you’re very comfortable with, especially the first few times you hit the trail, in case you do need to traverse any unexpected terrain.Then follow the fairly steep path down into Monterosso – a colourful village with blue, red and yellow houses that cluster along the beachfront.

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In the evening you can take a relaxed stroll through the town to take in the atmosphere of this seaside location, and perhaps head out to dinner with your new travel companions. Your adventure begins with a welcome meeting today at 6pm, where you'll meet your fellow travellers and group leader.

Take away the fear of the unknown by arming yourself with detailed information about the trails in your area.

Thanks to the information age, it’s now possible to scout the accessibility of the trails in your area before you ever leave the house.

These accessible travel suggestions are part of the Get Out & Enjoy Life [GOEL] program that is a joint educational initiative between Wheel: Life, a global community of wheelchair users, and SPORTS ‘N SPOKES magazine, published by the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

More than 70,000 wheelchair users from 108 countries took part in Wheel: Life resources in 2014.

Your body works hard on a hike, so it’s important to give yourself the fuel you need.

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