Macbook battery icon not updating

This process involves charging the battery, draining it completely and then charging it again.This might sound rudimentary but it’s worthwhile, especially if your battery only ever holds around 50% of its charge.Unfortunately problems with Mac Book batteries do arrise, including the Mac Book not lasting as long as it once did on a full charge, or the Mac Book switching itself off seemingly randomly even if the battery appears to indicate a useful charge.Here we examine how you can give some older Mac laptops a new lease of life by examining and replacing their batteries.Apple doesn’t explain how it generates the battery life status reading but it’s probably divined by measuring the maximum charge the battery can currently hold against its original capacity when new.Coconut Battery will display both these figures, measured in milliamp hours (m Ah).It should be noted that a charge cycle doesn’t necessarily mean entirely running out of juice from a full charge.Using 50% of the battery life one day before recharging and using 50% the next day will mean one charge cycle has been notched-up.

Perhaps surprisingly, Replace Soon is a mere warning rather than a demand and your Mac Book should still function correctly on battery power, albeit with noticeably shorter battery life than when it was new.Your Mac Book constantly monitors the health of its battery and a quick way to view the current status is to hold down the Alt/Option key and click the battery charge icon at the top right of the desktop near the clock.After the Condition heading at the top of the menu you’ll see one of four battery status messages: Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, and Service Battery.Or that running the battery consistently into the single-digit percentages can damage the lithium-ion battery in the long run?Having done the basics, and maybe seen little to no difference, your next go-to should be calibrating your battery.However, the last two statuses – Replace Now and Service Battery – are indications that the battery is near dead.

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