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The next thing was the refrigerator stopped getting cold( I work out of State ,didn’t know until my daughter went by to store some food for Thanksgiving, everything was spoiled. If this doesn’t get cleared up in the next few days … I stated that I would like to speak to the manager. I spoke with my attorney about this and he said he would start working on my case.

The company target audience is the upper middle class who want a product that is just as affordable as Walmart, but don’t want the Walmart name.If you need to contact Target for another reason, check out the HELP page for additional email forms.The Target customer service phone number is for – not the Target stores customer service line.Click here to leave a comment about your customer service experience.The Target customer service department is available to answer just about any product or order question you have.You can press 0 to be immediately transferred to an agent.

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