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Help us make Autism a conversation rather than a taboo.

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Instead of relying on shows like “The Undateables”, that matchmake for viewing rather than love, these two women took it upon themselves to create a forum for the spectrum rather than adjusting the spectrum to the society’s forums. It’s not a space that encourages you to be yourself, its a space that encourages you to pretend to be what you think you should be.

It doesn’t have to be autism-specific, it just needs to be in the spirit of the movement.

This day is about being proud of being different, embracing uniqueness and defying what society tells you you are supposed to be.

There is a You Tube channel which is a series of short funny videos on dating, and tips, for people on the spectrum; you can watch it here.

Michael Mc Creary and Olivia Goudreault, are both on the autism spectrum as well.

Find out what your Council or the community is doing to aid awareness today and go along – Learn 1 new thing about Autism. Don’t hide it, Autism is not something to be scared of, in fact, the less you know about Autism the more likely you are to trigger their sensitivity. Get a book for that bus ride, the tube, before bed, or a lazy summer day.

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