Minecraft self updating version


It holds all of your skins in a convenient place, lets you manage them from within the program, and even lets you upload your skin directly to without ever needing to open a browser.

I consider this one of my first "public" programs, as in one that I've released directly to a large community - hopefully it's well-received and I hope you guys don't go too hard on me, but, here we go. The program should be self-explanatory, and I made sure to tooltip any important things.

Well, actually my reason for making this program is the fact that we have too many of these.

I've tried four or five different skin editing programs (and I'm not an artist, let's get that clear first, I'm a programmer!

MCSkin3D was inspired by several sources, notably Q2MDL, an old Quake 2 skinning tool, Skin Edit ([url= an excellent 2d skinning program for Minecraft, as well as modern editing tools such as The GIMP. When in camera mode, left mouse button rotates the camera while right mouse button (or mouse wheel) zooms - in paint mode, right-mouse button rotates while middle-mouse button will zoom.

must be experiencing some high traffic - try connecting to the site with your browser and see what happens.) - Fixed Techne models not loading properly - Made flood-fill use a queue rather than being stack-based (stack overflows yay) Version 1.4 - New versioning system (Major. - Removed toolbar button at top when taking a screenshot - Fixed M_UPLOADRES not appearing in all conditions. - Added a check for %temp% so you don't run it from the zip/rar by accident - Fixed uploader keeping the program running on close for 20 seconds - Added a "Reset Camera" button - Added new split buttons for Undo/Redo, with a timeline history - Fixed the preview remaining when you leave the cursor on it - Stamp tool - Color wheel - Fixed the sliders mis-alignments and thumbs not appearing pressed - Changed HSL into HSV - High resolution skins no longer change the scale in the 2D view - Added support for .gpl, .gimp, and swatch formats (GIMP and Photoshop).- Swatch editing features - Fixed color sliders not working on non-Visual Style-enabled systems.It may take multiple attempts to upload it, or you may have to wait until traffic slows down (the timeout time is 10 seconds).Passwords are saved locally, in settings.ini, encrypted in 256 bits using seeds and salts from constant data relating to your specific machine - using this technique, even if someone gets a hold of your settings file, they would need access to your physical system to decode the password. Version - Renamed to "LE" for Light Edition -- I removed a lot of useless, bloat features.-- There seems to be some extraneous operations going on there that cause it to be slow, too much floating point math?

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