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RELIVE THE Your Victoria Milan profile and account is 100% anonymous.I need a woman in my life from usa, I'm Jew, a soldier and an easy going person, Signup free in 10 seconds and start meeting Arab, alabama singles.Wow mr broadsword - i am sitting opposite you right now - letting my leather mini skirt up, parting my legs, no knickers on of course, black stockings tops framing my thighs, my fingers glide along my pussy lips, slipping inside the pink heaven of my warm, wet cunt..lock onto yours and i begin to breathe faster as my fingers probe inside, slide along and up, circle my clit then repeat the pattern again and again ....i show myself no mercy, i drive myself towards my climax, so glad to be sharing the experience with you, I orgasm in waves of electric pleasure, bucking my hips upwards to make the moment last as long as possible.....i smile and glance at your hand sliding over and round, over and round your hard cock.... I love to see how they hold themselves, how fast they wank, watching how thier breathing chnages and increases, watching them cum.absolutely no wanking but just be a good boy for a change.

Really close view and I can just wait for my 'gift' x a guy I met about 3 years ago started me on this 'need' while wanking and holding my head with his other hand purposefully away so I couldn't lick until he'd cum ...

We watch each other, neither of us breaking eye contact or rythm.

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"Soooo is it really bad that amongst many other things I really enjoy watching men wank?

Makes me sooo horny i also enjoy this(kitty) i watch cams and love it though lots of women go mad when men wank on cam!!

Thanks for that (suppose I shouldn't be surprised) Just seems a waste, lol.

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