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Gave it a test run and it "kinda" worked - so I don't get the "put the dust bin back in" message anymore, but the Neato was running in circles.Turns out one of the side sensors wasn't getting unchecked after push (I noticed that the one side wouldn't make an unclick sound after it was pushed).Just wanted to thank this forum for solving my perpetual "please put my dirt bin back in" problem.Kudos to the Doc for describing where the little black button between the two Phillips screws is.My question is: someone have had this problem before ? f=20&t=16475"Dust Bin Switch Fix When the rubber button pressed by the dust bin ceases to indicate properly, the wires on the contact board can be shorted with a 2.2Kohm resistor to permanently close the switch.Is it just dust inside the sensor or will I need to replace it ??? (Industry has odd favorite component values 22, 47, etc.There's a clip inside the top casing, but you can also just use some tape - mine got caught twice and I had to remove everything again. For more precautions handling assembly see Mods&Repairs List top of main forum page.

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The original switch board and cable was seen listed on Ebay for -- and you still have to open the case.

Epoxy fill is shown around the case screw hole on the left.

The thin receptacle broke after many openings, is a bit too thin.

For replacement of the switch board in a worst case, a small tact switch from Radio Shack is shown next to the switch board; the size is similar to the Neato switch contact area.

The rubber plunger holding pins are on standard 1/10" perfboard spacing and the board is the same thickness.

I think it broke from trying epoxy inside the cylinder without filling outside, to correct a thread stripping problem; pressure might have been created self-threading into it.courtesy of the Institute for Neatological Studies Thanks for the tips everyone!

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