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Sharon got Mick a job at the Laundry mat where he worked during the day while he spent his nights playing after hour club gigs with his band Watoshi.In the mean time, Sharon gave birth to another baby, a girl they named Stormy.The two began dating right away, but Sharon wanted more of a commitment.

One night at a party, Mick was introduced to a 16-year-old girl named Sharon.

A few years later, after the birth of Mick's sister, Susan, The Deal family moved to Garden Grove California.

Frank worked at Menasha Container, the company that made cardboard boxes for Fender, while Tina ironed shirts on the weekends for extra money.

Inside the liquor store, the guy behind the counter looks at Mick and says, "You look like a Rock and Roller type".

After a brief conversation, Mick invites the guy to come and see him play.

He moved in with the drummer and keyboard player, sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of their apartment that gave roach motel a whole new meaning.

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