Shriya dating

It’s the platform where her name attached with Bollywood actor Salman khan. As her name attached with actors there are also cricketer’s name in list. Her name tagged with many persons but it’s true that none of them was serious enough to developed further. Shriya and Akhsay Khanna met on set of Hindi film “Gali Gali Me Chor He”. They started spending more time together during shooting time. Shriya left everyone with big question mark when she was spotted in Salman’s sister Arpita’s birthday bash. She was very comfortable with Salman that time and that’s so natural that Salman had invited her.

She confirmed that she surly cant date an actor as actor would be busy most of time looking at mirror while she want someone who can look at her. By nature Akhsay is a person who barely mixes with costar and develops relation but in case of Shriya it’s different. On the other hand Shriya is talkative girl who mix up with anyone. However they never showed up with any relationship status and their relation broke as previous one does in Shriya’s life. Shriya described her ideal man as someone with ability to be a good friend and the one who can handle her mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Describing quality of her future groom she said she want a man who can be her husband as well as best friend. She also said that the concept of open relationship really doesn’t work for her. The cricketer also shot for a music video along with the film’s cast, including Neha, Aashim Gulati and Aditya Seal. Everything that you see is impromptu,” Neha told PTI.

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