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The follow-up question is for an example of a roadblock or barrier that they couldn't get around, and what they learned from that.Given the level that I've been at for such a long time, I'm usually interviewing managers.I think it's the same kind of thing with women and business books. It makes plenty of sense, but that's a discussion for another day. I think this should be mandatory reading for guys because given that the world is more or less 50/50 in the workplace, guys would do well to understand how a woman is thinking. Adam's next point was, "But I love you, and I love magazines.

Guys can write books for men and women, but for some reason, if a woman writes a book, then it has to be for women. When I was doing newsstand circulation for magazines, what we learned when using a non-celebrity model (the celebrity model is very different), as most of the women's service books do, is that if you put an African-American woman on the cover, it depressed sales.So I ask for a specific, granular example of a person with whom you succeeded as a manager in adding value to their performance, and then give me one where you didn't, and what you learned from that. There was a man who'd been a manager for 20 years, so he'd managed lots of people, and insisted that he had never failed anyone as a manager. I could be a defensive male reader, but I thought that the guys really took a beating in that section. Well, for one, it's silly, but I think it's the Golden Rule: Do unto others as you'd like it done unto you. I think it should happen to everybody in the course of their career.You don't seem to highlight a woman in particular for an answer— Oh, I didn't? I did, in fact, probably interview more men over the course of my career than women. It happened to me once and I talk about that in the book. It's not just about money, that's really not the point.I don't think you get a clear sense of your history from reading this.The funny thing is that it was first written chronologically.LCI works for international, national and regional clients, especially throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley and California.

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