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The Messages app lets you text anyone whose phone or other device can receive standard text messages.

If those people don't have i Message, though, they won't be able to use any of i Message's features.

The topic can get confusing when you discover that there is also something called i Message built into Messages.

Read on to learn how i Message is different from Messages, what it offers, and for answers to some of the most common questions about Messages.

Emoji are included by default in the i OS and can be used in Messages (learn How to Add Emoji to i Phone).Apple's text messaging platform is called Messages and it's built into every i OS device and every Mac.Sending texts with Messages is easy and free, but unlocking all of its features requires more knowledge.Read Receipts are only available when using i Message.Read Receipts tell you whether someone has read your i Message or let others know you've read theirs.To do this, you can't use your i Phone's phone number as your Messages address.

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