Updating bootcamp


Without a functional i GPU, e GPU would only work with an external display.This explains the ease of e GPU implementation on i GPU-only hosts while d GPU i GPU hosts such as the Thunderbolt 3 15″ Mac Book Pro is harder to accomplish.Now that mac OS High Sierra 10.13 officially supports e GPUs, we’ve developed a reliable procedure to set up and maintain a functional e GPU in Windows 10 via Boot Camp.In the past month, we’ve tried many different solutions by reading through e GPU implementation guides.We used HWi NFO64 to check the arrangement of PCIe controllers and lanes on this Late 2016 15″ Mac Book Pro (same as Mid 2017 model).The x16 PCI Express Controller connects to the Radeon Pro d GPU.The 13″ Touch Bar iteration is slightly harder for e GPU implementation due to an extra Thunderbolt 3 controller and two more Thunderbolt 3 ports.

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The x4 PCI Express Controller connects to the right-side USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports.If your Mac Book Pro has a limited amount of storage, partition the Boot Camp volume with 50GB for Windows installation and save 200GB for the mac OS partition.You can then install software and games on an external hard drive.We captured the PCIe arrangement of the Thunderbolt 3 15″ Mac Book Pro (shown on the left) and Thunderbolt 3 Touch Bar 13″ Mac Book Pro (shown on the right) in HWi NFO64 and labeled them for reference.The name of the game is to allocate enough resources for the external graphics card to function in Windows 10 while not severely crippling other functionalities of the laptop.All PCIe lanes are routed through the platform controller hub (PCH).

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