Updating magellan roadmate 700 Cam4 live usa

Overall, we were quite thrilled with the Road Mate 700's features: the color screen was bright and readable even in direct sunlight and the voice prompts were clear and not distracting to our driving.Best of all, the UI (user interface) screens are easy to navigate and--thanks to its large hard drive and map database--it's ready to go as soon as you open the box.But the Road Mate 700 shines as a virtual co-pilot.During our tests, it consistently acquired a satellite lock quickly (within a minute) and displayed our current position.While the price is not for the faint of heart, it will be a very valuable tool for many drivers (from business folk to parents) who need to get to unfamiliar locations quickly and smoothly.There are fifteen different topics in the built-in tutorial to help you when you really need it, when you are on the road.You can easily access the tutorial at any time to find answers about Reading the Guidance Screen, Entering an Address, Accessing Previous Destinations, Using the Trip Computer, Personalizing Settings and more.Magellan Frequently Asked Questions - The usal questions asked about Magellan. GPS satellites - NAVSTAR, satellite constellation, USCG Navigation Center and more!

The older three-pronged mount was inserted into one of the middle air conditioning vents on your dash; the prongs are bendable to help you get the most secure fit, but never gave as secure of a fit as the windshield mount does.

This powerhouse GPS unit just keeps gaining in popularity.

Recently bestowed the honor of being named one of "Oprah's Favorite Things for Holiday 2004" it's just getting better and better every year.

You can enter the exact address into the Road Mate 700--using the touchscreen to tap letters and numbers into several search screens--to have it create a route.

(You can also save 100 destinations in the address book.

Quickly locate points of interest and amenities along your route.

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