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“We both view money as just numbers— she sees money as something not to worry about because it’ll always be there, I see it as something not to worry about because it’s already gone.As long as you have enough to cover your needs, it doesn’t matter how much money there is.” Sarah, Reddit user Panda Prophetess, 25, is a web developer and social media manager in Colorado. They met working at a toy store called Air Traffic in Minnesota.“Growing up, I was taught that if you had a job, of course it sucked, so get over it,” Ryan shares.To Libby, however, personal happiness and satisfaction were equally important as getting paid.“She taught me to want more from life.” Today, Ryan says he and Libby keep learning from each other.They acknowledge that the differences in their upbringing brings unique challenges to their relationship, and are proactive about getting help from support groups and classes.

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We bonded over the struggles of being a young adult: finding a good job, finishing (in my case, beginning AND finishing) a degree.” They were both dating other people at the time, so they were just friends for about a year.

Ryan’s upbringing led him to do things Libby didn’t understand.

He didn’t have a bank account until he was 21, because he didn’t trust banks with his money.

“Then we’d get home and clip that week’s coupons.” The first time Sarah realized Phil’s family was different from hers was when she met his parents.

“They—like every Minnesotan, apparently—have a cabin ‘up north,’ so we hopped in the car and drove up there for a day trip.

While on the boat, the two managed to fall in love despite their first class-steerage status.

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