Who is dating whom in bollywood 2016

Then, Ranbir Kapoor entered the whole media guessing game, leaving the people with more questions than answers; Did he really date Katrina? They were even supposedly spotted as a couple, abroad.

Was the relationship broken because of his cheating ways?

The two reportedly remain friends despite an ugly break up.It is being reported that the star kid is dating a top politician’s grandson for quite some time now.According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Sara is going steady with Veer Pahariya, who is Mumbai-Delhi lad. She told ask.fm, “He doesn’t mind road ka dosa, he is super sensitive, and he’s the kind of guy you want to walk on the beach with.”Ain’t that cute?Sonam Kapoor is reportedly dating Delhi based entrepreneur Anand Ahuja.Even though Sonam hasn’t publicly acknowledged or announced her relationship, her social media posts are proof enough.Salman Khan is more often in the news for his single status than in appreciation of his movies.

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